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NYS Hate Crime Taste Force. Call 1-888-392-3644 or Text "HATE" to 81336

NYS Attorney General Civil Rights Bureau: 



  Asian American Feminist Antibodies (Care in the time of coronavirus)

Treating Yellow Peril: Resources to Address Coronavirus Racism. compiled by Jason Yang.  For access to the resource, email

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Be an Advocate

“So, for witnesses that see a hate incident, especially verbal abuse, even standing next to the victim, without even saying anything to the perpetrator, gives the victim comfort and a sense of protection.” Yang, President of Asian American Advancing for Justice said.

BYstander Anti-Racism Project

Bystander anti-racism is action taken by 'ordinary' people in response to incidents of interpersonal or systemic racism. This project produced a strong empirical understanding of bystander anti-racism (its nature, potential, merits, benefits and constraints) as a means of countering racism in Australia.

Hollaback! is on a mission to end harassment — in all its forms. We work together to understand the problem, ignite public conversations, and develop innovative strategies that result in safe and welcoming environments for all. We believe that we all deserve to be who we are, wherever we are.

Share the big news

Report and document your experience or if you witnessed an experience.   There are number of national and community-based organizations that developed tracking system.  

1. Stand Against Hatreds with Asian Americans Advancing Justice (

2. Stop AAPI Hate - Asian Pacific Policy & Planning Council and Chinese for Affirmative Action (

Familiar with CoVID-19

Become familiar and knowledgeable with COVID-19.

Additional Resource Links

Here's a link to a compiled list of resources and organizations supporting and advocating for Asian American Pacific Islander Americans.  Translated resources are also available.